Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our First Post!

Hello All! It's Kristen here... I will be doing pretty much all of the blog posts of the projects my mother and I have done. It will take me a minute to get used to this Blogspot business (we are a little late catching on), but please bear with me!

First off, I'd figure I'd share some of what our work space looks like. Our purple krafting studio! (I like to call it "The Stu")

This space started off as my toy room when I was a little girl -- mostly a room full of Barbies galore.
As I grew out of the Barbie phase we painted it purple (my absolute favorite color for as long as I can remember) and turned it into my "office." I'd do homework, hangout, watch TV, and listen to music in here. became our kraft room! We thought the pink and green accents gave it a nice touch. It quickly became filled with paper stacks, ribbons, glitter, and pretty much everything else the kraft store has. My mom looveessss shopping for all of our supplies -- we can't keep her out of Michael's! Lol. Anywho, this is only one side of the room. To the left is our cartridge bookshelf and to the right is our desk. We also have a TV in there but since it's behind the desk I don't really watch it while I'm krafting (having to turn my back distracts me). I usually just turn up my music and cut away!

I really hope you all enjoy our blog... I will do a few posts today to get it started... let's go!

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